Protestors are organizing at Indiana University in opposition to a plan that would create the largest gold mine in Europe.

The Romanian government is considering allowing a Canadian-based company to mine gold in the village of Rosia Montana.

“Romania is known for three major things: beautiful nature, plenty of nice people, and sadly, a corrupt government,” said IU graduate student Alexandra Cotofana, who was part of a group collecting petition signatures Friday in front of the Sample Gates.

Cotofana said within one hour they gathered about one hundred signatures to stop the proposed gold mine. The demonstrations at IU are part of a larger movement.

As The Guardian reports, demonstrators have also been holding a series of protests in Romania’s capital, Bucharest, this week and an international day of protest is planned for Sunday.

“Campaigners have criticised the “special national interest” status the bill would give the mine, which would allow the Romanian branch of Gabriel Resources, Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, to move the few remaining landowners off the site through compulsory purchase orders.”

The proposed mine has been in the planning stages for more than a decade, but has stalled because of concerns from environmental groups.

Proponents of the project tout its economic benefits, saying it could create thousands of jobs.

The Romanian Parliament will consider whether to give the company approval later this month.


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