Photo: (flickr) Morel Mushrooms

Photo: (flickr)
Morel Mushrooms


With the arrival of spring, mushroom hunters are starting to forage for the prized morel mushroom, and this year they’re being allowed to roam deeper into the woods without violating the law.

Previous state law required mushroom hunters to stay on trails when foraging in state parks. Now, they—and other people who want to gather other foods such as fruits and nuts—can go off the trails.

Ginger Murphy, Assistant Director for Stewardship with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, says most mushroom hunters have been going off trails for some time.

“I don’t really anticipate that there will be any problems with it, generally, people who are out looking for mushrooms have been doing it for years, and know where they are going, and familiar with the types that they’ll like to collect,” Murphy said.

Murphy says most foragers are careful not to damage the natural environment, so she isn’t worried about them disturbing plants or wildlife.


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